You have arrived at the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder site which was created by the Senior Engineer of AscenTrust, LLC., in co-ordination with IDFS, INC. (International Diversified Financial Services, Inc.) and Nitex International, LLC. for the benifit of the Military personel suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The Senior Engineer is working with Mr. William Williams to create the web infrastructure required to attract investors (pre crowd funding) to create the framework to obtain Crowdfunding to launch the PTSD-Non-Profit. The funds generated through the crowdfunding will be used to help organizations providing services for military personnel suffering from PTSD.I am adding this text to see if I can edit the file from SSH remotely

AscenTrust, LLC., an existing Texas corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by it's Founder and Principal Engineer, was Incorporated in 2009 to act as a joint venture with an Australian Investor who was going to finance the prototype of the NTPBMR project. The Company now offers a broad range of Consulting sservices, in the Oil and gas industry, the Electrical Infrastructure industry, and recently has gone back into the Software Development Business.

IDFS, INC. (International Diversified Financial Services, Inc.), an existing Texas corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by the Founder and Principal Engineer of AscenTrust, LLC.,will be the financial arm of the Project.

The first step in the process of becoming an investor in the PTSD PROJECT is to become a member of the investment Group. You can become a member by signing up to become a MEMBER